Social Responsibility


CTA-Continental firmly believes that a company is made, above all, by people. For this reason, the company is paying increasing attention to the quality of life in the workplace, offering social benefits to ensure that all employees have the right conditions to carry out their work.

In the health area, the company offers a medical clinic, reimbursement plans for medication, medical exams, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, dental plans and agreements with health plans. In addition, CTA employees are afforded an on-site cafeteria and a food card. Other benefits are also available to employees, such as group life insurance, profit sharing program, transportation and agreements with commercial establishments.

For the children of our employees, we offer the Mary Lebus Vaughan Nursery & Preschool, as well as agreements with external daycare centers.


In 2004, the company built a club for employees and their families. The CTA Club has swimming pools, volleyball and soccer fields, a party/dance hall, playground and barbecue areas. CTA-Continental also provides a chapel and recreational areas so that employees can enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments on company property.

Nursery & preschool

CTA offers its employees the possibility for their children, aged 4 months to 5 years and 11 months, to attend the company's Nursery & Preschool.

This service is another benefit that contributes to employee well-being and talent retention. Located on the same site as the company, it provides a sense of security and facilitates access for mothers, including those who are breastfeeding.

At the school, children receive five meals a day, all educational materials and a large space for educational activities and indoor/outdoor playgrounds.

Recreation area

CTA's recreation area offers a variety of activities for employees to enjoy during their breaks. In addition to games and coffee, the space houses a community library, providing moments of relaxation and socialization.

The company often sponsors a talent show to encourage employees to share their artistic skills, such as singing and acting. The talent show promotes integration among colleagues, values internal talent, and provides a sense of well-being during moments of relaxation.

Another popular activity at the company is the Craft Fair, where employees have the opportunity to showcase their manual skills and sell their handmade products.

In addition, on important dates for the company and its employees, themed activities are held to celebrate these occasions and promote interaction among employees.

Internal programs

At CTA, a series of internal programs reflect the company's commitment to the well-being of its employees and the community in general. The company remains dedicated to developing and expanding these initiatives, always seeking to promote a positive impact, both inside and outside the organization.

Human Rights Commission

CTA’s Human Rights Commission is committed to ensuring that all employees are treated with dignity and respect. It guarantees fundamental rights such as the right to privacy, to express opinions and beliefs without judgment, and to be free from harassment, abuse or discrimination. This committee plays a fundamental role in promoting a fair and inclusive work environment.

Diversity and Inclusion Commission

Diversity is valued and actively promoted at CTA-Continental. The Diversity and Inclusion Commission plays a key role in this process. Its goal is to respect, promote and value diversity in the workplace, creating fairer, healthier and more inclusive relationships. This committee works to ensure that all employees feel welcome and respected, regardless of their background, identity or individual characteristics.

Occupational Health Medical Control Program

Employee health and well-being are priorities at CTA, and the Occupational Health Medical Control Program (OHMCP) reflects this commitment. Based on the Risk Management Program, the OHMCP establishes procedures to prevent, monitor and control possible harm to employees' occupational health. Through the company's Medical Clinic, a specialized team of health professionals provides comprehensive support, including occupational health exams, checkups and specific health programs, such as Hearing Protection and Ergonomics.


CTA's team of volunteers, also known as the ComparTilhAr project, is constantly organizing activities to benefit the community. The money raised from these events is donated to charitable organizations.

Solidarity thrift

Initiative led by CTA's team of employee volunteers. This project encourages employees to donate clothing and utensils. The proceeds are donated to charitable organizations, contributing to social causes and strengthening the spirit of solidarity among team members.

Capacitar – Inclusion Program for People with Disabilities

CTA-Continental is a company that is deeply rooted in the spirit of social responsibility and understands the importance of its role in building a more dignified and just society for all. CTA's actions are focused on people development, with an emphasis on their personal and professional growth, and are part of its corporate culture.

In accordance with the principles of social responsibility and in compliance with Law 8,213 of 24.07.1991, known as the “Law of Quotas”, CTA-Continental maintains the CapaciTAr Program. The objective of this program is to integrate people with disabilities into a productive and pleasant work environment, to promote the exchange of life experiences among employees and to raise awareness in society about this issue, with the aim of minimizing prejudices and broadening the understanding of disability.

Management training, awareness raising and education, involving employees, family members, suppliers, support organizations, public institutions and the community in general, are constant practices and part of the actions carried out by CTA-Continental.

Coral Ser Mais Feliz (“Be Happier” Choir)

The Coral Ser Mais Feliz is made up of collaborators and members of the CTA-Continental Employees Association (AFCTA) under the direction of Daniel Böhm. Its repertoire includes popular Brazilian and international songs. Since its inception in 2002, the group has performed at company events, shows and choir meetings.

Discover some of the melodies performed by Coral Ser Mais Feliz: