CTA-Continental is made up of people.

It is with them that we consolidate our position as a major tobacco supplier. As a company committed to social and environmental responsibility, we invest heavily in projects that have a positive impact on farmers, employees and the entire tobacco chain.

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Guaranteed quality with process improvement.

CTA-Continental operates a tobacco processing plant with three production lines. All stages are carefully planned to meet customer demands and ensure the quality standard of our products.

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Tobacco growing is the foundation of CTA-Continental.

This is why the company continually promotes the quality of life of the integrated producers who are largely responsible for this. Through technical visits, data collection, training and projects, we seek to improve the lives of growers and their families.

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Social responsibility is at the heart of our attention.

CTA-Continental deeply values people’s role in building a company and therefore prioritizes quality of life in the workplace, guaranteeing ideal conditions through social benefits. This important mechanism favors the workforce, placing it as an agent of transformation and change.

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Commitment to sustainable development of the tobacco industry.

CTA-Continental is committed to the responsible use of natural resources without compromising the well-being of future generations. This pillar is put into practice in several of the organization’s initiatives, both in the industry and in the field, especially in the regions where integrated producers operate, contributing to an increasingly sustainable tobacco production.

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Actions focused
on our sustainability goals and the observance of the term of the commitment with the Public Ministry of Labor

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