Environmental Responsibility

CTA-Continental is strongly committed to promoting sustainable development in the tobacco industry. In addition to strict compliance with all relevant legislation, the company implements best practices to minimize its environmental impact and properly manage generated waste.

Waste Management

All waste generated by CTA-Continental undergoes a rigorous treatment process until it reaches its correct destination, always respecting the specificities of each one. In addition to ensuring that suppliers, transporters and waste receivers have all the necessary environmental licenses for their activities, the company is committed to recycling and reusing all its waste. The set of procedures adopted by the company includes the collection of tobacco dust, which is subsequently used to process fertilizers to be made available to producers.

Resource Management

Committed to ensuring the stability and sustainability of the company, CTA-Continental adopts a strategic and effective approach to managing its resources, which include human, financial, technical and physical resources. The management of these resources is fundamental to the company's operational processes and strategic planning.

In terms of resource management, the company is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. This includes implementing measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and protect biomes, in line with global agendas to combat climate change.

To achieve these goals, the company is actively involved in analyzing and monitoring potential climate changes in the regions where it operates, recognizing the direct impact of these changes on the productivity and profitability of farming operations. CTA conducts systematic studies and projections of future climate trends to understand and mitigate potential risks.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company is developing concrete initiatives to reduce its GHG emissions. A detailed mapping of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions is planned for 2023, followed by the establishment of specific targets and objectives in this area. These actions reflect CTA's commitment to making a significant contribution to slowing climate change and protecting the environment.

In addition, the company is exploring clean and renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, as part of its strategy to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. Throughout CTA's operations in Venâncio Aires, the company always chooses to purchase clean energy from clean and renewable sources by trading on the free electricity market. As for the branches, which do not require high energy consumption since they are not manufacturing units, all consumption is monitored by means of specific meters provided by the local energy companies.

The compan's Sustainability Report provides additional insight into these initiatives and their results, offering a comprehensive view of CTA-Continental's resource management practices and commitment to environmental responsibility.