A company made by people.

CTA evolved from Sul Continental de Tabacos, founded on June 14, 1994. In the same year, the company entered into a partnership with G. F. Vaughan Tobacco Co. Inc. to form CTA - Continental Tobaccos Alliance S/A. In 2017, Hail & Cotton International Group joined the company and acquired a stake in its share capital. The mergers were strategic for the company to join forces and consolidate as a major global tobacco supplier.

The company has invested heavily in its industrial park over the years, reaching the processing capacity of approximately 120 million kg of tobacco per crop.

CTA is located on a 41-hectare site, with 140,000 square meters of constructed area divided among the factory, warehouses, offices, nursery & preschool, cafeteria, leisure area, training center, and social club for employees.

In addition, the company has four branches dedicated exclusively to tobacco purchasing, in the towns of Araranguá, Ituporanga and Papanduva, in the state of Santa Catarina, and in Irati, in the state of Paraná. CTA has integrated tobacco producers in the three southern states of Brazil.

With the conviction that a company is first and foremost made up of people, CTA is strongly involved in social programs and projects, both internally and for the community in which it operates, through policy-defined guidelines, fully focused on integrity and sustainability throughout its value chain.

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In addition to the tobacco purchasing and processing plant in Venâncio Aires, CTA-Continental has four branches dedicated exclusively to tobacco procurement in the towns of Araranguá, Ituporanga and Papanduva, in the state of Santa Catarina, and in Irati, in the state of Paraná.


Venâncio Aires

Rod. RSC-453, km 2,2, nº 3411
Bairro Industrial
Rio Grande do Sul
CEP 95800-000

Branches with tobacco buying stations


Rod. BR-101, km 417,7, nº 5750
Bairro Polícia Rodoviária
Santa Catarina
CEP 88900-000


Rua das Castanheiras, 297
Bairro Jardim Aeroporto
CEP 84505-419


Av. Evaldo Prim, 293
Setor Industrial
Santa Catarina
CEP 88400-000


Rua João Florindo Schadeck, 78
Parque Industrial I
Santa Catarina
CEP 89370-000

Senior Management

Eduardo Renner

Eduardo Renner

Began his career at Tabra Exportadora de Tabacos (former Austin Co.) in 1985. Occupied various positions as factory, quality control and sales manager at Standard Commercial; sales and South America regional director for Alliance One International and vice president South America for JTI. He joined CTA-Continental in 2018.

Irineu Alfonso Henn

Irineu Alfonso Henn
Vice President/COO

Initiated his career in 1986 at R. J. Reynolds and, in 1990, joined Alliance One International. Joined CTA-Continental in 1997, in the blending, internal grading, and commercial departments. He currently holds the position of Vice President/COO.

Daniel de Moura Barbosa

Daniel de Moura Barbosa
Vice President/CFO

Started his career in Finance in 1998. Worked for different companies such as Deloitte & Touche, John Deere, Tribac Tobacco, Dell Computer and JTI, serving in various positions such as senior auditor, financial manager, controller, and financial director. He has been working for CTA-Continental since 2021.

Mission, Vision, and Values

CTA-Continental's identity and purpose


To act with excellence and transparency, ensuring the quality of all supplied products, through initiatives that foster sustainability and integrity in order to generate value for society.


To establish itself as a reference company in terms of quality, sustainability and integrity in the agribusiness sector.


  • Respect & Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration

Sustainability Report

CTA-Continental published its first Sustainability Report in 2023, covering the period from January 1st to December 31st, 2022. The document was created using the 2021 GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standard as reference. The information refers to the performance of Headquarters and its four branches.

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Management Policy

Our Management Policy defines the rules and guidelines that govern the working relationship between CTA-Continental employees and integrated producers. The document promotes the company's organizational culture so that rules and processes are applied consistently and fairly across the organization.

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Human Rights Policy

We are a company built on solid values. Our Human Rights Policy formalizes the way we conduct the organization's activities throughout the business value chain, in line with our quest for a fairer and more equal world for all. To this end, we work with the content of the human rights articles through life dialogues that take place every two weeks in all parts of the company.

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Privacy Policy

CTA-Continental's Privacy Policy was prepared based on the General Data Protection Law (GDPL), Federal Law 13,709/2018. It discusses user identification data and how the organization will treat it with care and confidentiality.

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Code of Ethical Conduct

CTA-Continental's Code of Ethical Conduct is an internal regiment that incorporates all the rules to be followed by the organization's members, underpinning good practices and day-to-day behavior standards, as well as reinforcing transparency and respect for organizational environment.

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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers aims to establish the rules that must guide the ethical attitude and socio-environmental performance of CTA-Continental providers. All guidelines are directly aligned with the Code of Ethical Conduct. Through this Code, the company reaffirms its commitment to operate with the highest ethical standards.

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